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Jewish funerals are steeped in tradition, with many customs and rituals passed down from generation to generation. They are a time to remind the community of the importance of honoring and respecting each life. The rich traditions of the Jewish people remain the same no matter where one lives and help unite Jewish communities around the world as one.

Allen J. Harden Funeral Home offers an in-depth set of Jewish services, including: tahara, shmira, shrouds, all wood caskets and many others.

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Jewish Mourning & Shiva

Similar to funerals, Jewish mourning has customs of its own. Each of the customs is deliberate.

Jewish mourning is broken into stages, the first of which is shiva. While a family never gets over the loss of a loved one, the intense Jewish mourning period is the 7 days of shiva. For the children of the deceased, mourning lasts for one year.

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Understanding shiva:
In partnership with shiva.com, we have curated resources dedicated to understanding shiva.

Planning a shiva: In partnership with shiva.com, we have curated resources dedicated to planning a shiva.


Commemoration & Memorialization

In the Jewish faith, while lost ones are always with us, they are formally remembered 5 times a year. They are honored at Yahrzeit (the anniversary of their passing in accordance with the Hebrew calendar) and during Yizkor, a prayer service that occurs 4 times annually (Yom Kippur, Shemini Atzeret, the 8th day of Passover, and the 2nd day of Shavuot).

Yahrzeit & Yizkor: we have curated resources dedicated to Yahrzeit & Yizkor

There are several traditions to honor loved ones on these occasions, including lighting a candle and planting a tree.

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Orlando Jewish Funerals

Orlando Jewish Funerals connects the community and provides education, resources, and access to traditions and customs. Allen J. Harden Funeral Home ensures that compassionate care is provided for the Orlando Jewish community at their time of need. Orlando Jewish Funerals and its partners maintain a commitment to personal, attentive, and quality services that honor your loved ones and reflect Jewish funeral traditions.