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Jewish Funeral Group, the resource for Jewish funerals, introduces OrlandoJewishFunerals in partnership with Allen J. Harden Funeral Home, a StoneMor Inc. property, providing families comprehensive information and funerals services in the greater Orlando area.

Dedicated to serving families in the Orlando area, specializes in education, assists with funeral and burial planning, and ensures observances and rituals most appropriate for each family are available to the community. Jewish Funeral Group, the leader in Jewish funerals and burials, partnered with Allen J. Harden Funeral Home, a StoneMor, Inc. property, to provide local families education, support and options for funeral services in accordance with longstanding traditions.

Thinking about or experiencing loss often creates a sense of confusion and discomfort. During these sensitive times, individuals seek guidance and structure, often gravitating towards religion and culture. introduces a comprehensive resource with guidance and tools to learn about Jewish funerals and burials, and find details about current services scheduled in the Orlando area. In addition, families can plan in advance, or at a time of need, in accordance with traditions and rituals. Understanding the loss of a loved one and that the grieving process extends beyond the funeral, Orlando Jewish Funerals' strategically integrates with,, and local organizations to help a family's network provide support with mourning customs, such as meals of comfort for shiva, and honoring and commemorating the deceased. Orlando Jewish Funerals, a division of Jewish Funeral Group, deepens community connections to assist families navigating end-of-life matters.

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Ashley made everything so easy for my family. My father wanted a Veteran's service & they had packages that were already put together. Ashley brought everything to his house and my father pre paid for his funeral last year. Honestly I'm happy she helped him. He passed away a few weeks ago & it really helped take the pressure and stress off our family. Chris the director coordinated everything with National Cemetery & VFW. This funeral home also helped with our mother's passing several years ago. I really appreciate their help and totally recommend this company.

Kimberly R

July '21

Let me reflect for a minute. When you first get married you talk about a lot of things. When you get older that focus seems to turn to death and burial...yeah, good times.... In planning for this you want someone professional enough to handle all the nuances but sensitive enough to understand the needs of their clients. Ashley is a true professional. It didn't matter what the question was she would always respond. Whether it was at the office or over email she would always get back to us IMMEDIATELY.
If you need funeral planning I certainly would go seek out Ashley. She is fantastic.

Gerard B

April '21

Ashley answered so many of our questions. My husband and I are in our late 60's and 70 and wanted to make our funeral arrangements in advance of illness, memory issues or a life unlike the wonderful one we are living at this time. I did not want to go to the funeral home so she came to our home. She shared lots of good information and planning guides. Like preparing wills, this is a process I had not looked forward to but Ashley made it easy, quick and it is now completed. Hopefully this will also makes things much easier for my children who live in Colorado and New Mexico.
Thank you Ashley for your expertise and graciousness. It is most appreciated.

Bayne H

April '21

Five stars is not enough for Ashley and Allen Harden Funeral Home. My husband and I who are still in our early 60's decided it was time for preplanning to be done. We had no clue if we would be sad, emotional, or how we would feel doing this meeting while we're still very healthy. Ashley couldn't have put us more at ease. During the process she thoroughly explained everything and answered all our questions. We had just come from across the street purchasing our plots so it was an interesting day to say the least. As Ashley listened to our wishes and gave some suggestions it turned out to be a rather easy and somewhat relief to just get it done. Ashley was so warm and personable you felt like you were talking to a friend. The facility itself doesn't have the dark, dismal, or deep sad feeling some funeral homes have. It's actually very calming and pretty inside. I highly recommend them!

Robin C

April '21

Ashley Fuller was our consultant and she did a fantastic job. She was very understanding of our needs. We have used this funeral home for all of our family members that have sprouted their wings and left us.

Debbie B

April '21

They did an amazing job for us, thanks.

Jennifer G

September '16